Here are some common questions and frequently asked by KILTAC customers.

Q1: How to use?
A1: Shake it first, to mix the solution inside. Then, spray on the insect path or their nest. Do not wipe after spraying.

Q2: Need to spray every day?
A2: No need. Just spray twice a week is enough. KILTAC effectiveness can last up to 3 days or more.

Q3: How long is needed to kill an insect?
A3: The effects of KILTAC spray is different base on the type of the insect. For example, house fly will die in a few second to a few minutes. While, cockroach will need longer time than that.

Q4: Is it dangerous to small children?
A4: It is not dangerous to small children because it is made from organic ingredients. But, if in contact with eyes, wash with plain water.

Q5: Dangerous to pets?
A5: KILTAC spray is harmless to pet such as cat, dog, rabbit,hamster and many more.

Q6: If sprayed on food. Can that food be eaten again?
A6: The food is still edible. But it is best to avoid getting sprayed or if it does, wash the food again.

Q7: Can use on plants?
A7: Yes it is. KILTAC spray can prevent and protect plants from insects and bugs infestation.

Q8: Can use on human hair to kill and solve lice problem?
A8: Yes. It doesn’t have effect on human hair. After spraying, just wait for awhile to let the lice die.

Q9: How long 350ml spray can be used for?
A9: It depends on the user. Usually, 350ml can be used for 2 months.

Q10: Can it be stored in car? Not going to explode?
A10: Can be stored in car, it will not going to explode. Just, need to avoid direct sunlight to maintain the quality.

Q11 Why I sprayed KILTAC on cockroach but it still can run away?
A11 KILTAC spray is made from organic ingredients. It will takes some time to be effective. Insect that sprayed on will surely die.

Q12: Can i use KILTAC to kill mosquito larva?
A12: Yes. KILTAC is proven effective to kill mosquito larva in water.