BRIGHT SOLUTIONS was founded in 2016 with the idea to provide opportunities for any housewife, single mother or working woman who wants to earn extra income and improve their finances.

All of this started when my little daughter was bitten by an ant. While searching for a good product to eliminate ant infestation, I realized, pest control product is important in our basic life needs. Therefore, I come up with the idea to help other woman generate income through selling high demand products, such as a pest control product.

For any housewife, single mother or working woman out there who want to to be part of the Bright Solutions team, you’re always welcome.


Be the most trusted systematize income generator platform for women in ASIA by 2029.


We are business entity.

We provide systematize platform for any housewife, single mother or working woman to generate income.

We aspire woman to unlock their fully self potential towards reinforcement of personal statement.

We strive to develop economically independent woman that leads to personal growth and better standard of living.

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